Materials Needed:

  • Pearl bead: 4mm
  • Peerl bead: 3mm
  • Seed bead: 2mm
  • Rice bead
  • Fishing line:0.35mm
  • Beading needle 
  • CutterCutter

Steps to Follow……

  1. Cut a comfortable fl that you can work with.
  2. String 2pearl bead(3mm), 1 pearl bead(4mm), 2 pearl bead (3mm) and cross both fl with 1 pearl bead(4mm).
  3. String 2 pearl bead (3mm) on both fl and cross with 1 pearl bead(4mm).
  4. Continue with step 3 untill you have a desired length.
  5. Cut an new fl.
  6. Pass the left fl into the first 2 pearl(3mm) seen.
  7. String 1 pearl(4mm), 2 pearl(3mm) on the right fl and cross both fl with 1 pearl(4mm).
  8. Continue with step 6 and 7  till the end.
  9. Cut another fl and repeat step 6.
  10. String 1 pearl(3mm), 1 rice bead, 1sb and pass the fl back into the rice bead and the pearl bead picked.
  11. Pass the fl into the next 2 pearl bead(3mm) and repeat step 10

Continue with step 11 to the end…

Happy beading!!!!!!

Niffy Cares…..